Free Presentation February 27, 2010




2 Hour FREE Experiential Workshop

(For adults )

Recommended for parents and grandparents of, professionals, teachers and caregivers working with, and anyone interested in children with special needs

Find out the remarkable possibilities available to children with special needs.  Learn about the science behind the miracles so often experienced by children through the Anat Baniel Method and take home some tools to use right away.  The workshop will include:  movement lessons, lecture, demonstrations, and Q & A.  Find out the remarkable possibilities that exist in the brain of the special needs child.

 ANAT BANIEL is world renowned for her work with special needs children and the outcomes of the Anat Baniel Method practitioners around the world.  A clinical psychologist and dancer with many years of close study and collaboration with Dr Feldenkrais, Anat Baniel teaches her method in workshops and professional training programs and is known for making her knowledge accessible and useful to others.

DATE:  Saturday, February 27, 2010

TIME:  6-8 pm

LOCATION: The ABM Center, 4330 Redwood Hwy, #350, San Rafael, CA  94903

COST:  Free of Charge

RSVP:  Mike at 415.847-8887 or

 Let your family and friends know about this wonderful opportunity!


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  1. This article is very informative. I think I want to try the method.

    Thank’s for the share!!

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