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Topic: Mars and Venus on Aging

Different perspective from Mars and Venus on losing your independence

How do men and women cope differently with caring for the elderly?

How do men and women cope differently caring for an elderly partner or being cared for?

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ABM Workshop for Children with Special Needs



A One-day Workshop for Parents and Professionals

April 24, 2010 / Los Angeles

 In this workshop you will:

  • Help your child become a powerful learner.
  • Learn the 9 Essentials to wake up your child’s brain and overcome limitations.
  • Discover the science behind the miracles.
  • Experience innovative movement exercises to apply with your child.
  • Understand why and when to use assistive devices.

Date:  April 24, 2010

Location:  Beverly Garland Holiday Inn, 4222 Vineland Ave, No. Hollywood, CA  91602

Information:  Victoria Rosen   323.578-9943

Cost:  Early registration $195 before April 1, $250 after April 1

Register online:

Appreciation Program:  For every person you refer who takes the workshop and is not already in our database, receive $30 – please have the person who enrolls give us your name.

Jade and Summer’s progress with ABM

We love hearing from parents after their visit to the Anat Baniel Method center.  Here is a recent letter from the parents of two beautiful twin girls: 

“We have found absolutely huge and significant results from both girls from the ABM work, but especially from Summer!!!! She is now clearly seeing and tracking!!! We still weren’t knowing if she was going to have her vision and she clearly does now! She is moving her legs and having other options then just going into a whole body extension. She’s eating better–which is huge because we have been so worried about her eating and weight gain! She isn’t as anxious!!!! Jade is rolling now onto her belly with ease!!! This is so exciting for us!!! “
Suraya, Justin, Jade & Summer, January 2010