Children’s Mastery Practicum


Free Anat Baniel Method for Children lessons for your child with special needs, ages 0-2 during the Children’s Mastery Training Program, taught by Anat Baniel. 

ABM, a gentle, non-invasive method is a cutting edge approach based on neuroscience using movement to send new information to the brain that creates new neural pathways improving all areas of your child’s life, be it physical, emotional or mental.

Lesson space is available on Friday July 22nd, and Saturday July 23rd, 2011 in the morning of both days.   To register, Please call or email Mike Davis at or 480.720-5854 with any questions.


Lower Back Pain: Is it Really All in Your Head?


Article for the Huffington Post By Anat Baniel, Aug. 10, 2010

As Amanda entered my office she looked liked she was walking on eggshells, clearly in great pain. Aside from her obvious suffering and constricted movements, I noticed something else I’d seen many times before with clients who had lower-back pain. Amanda was holding in her belly real tight, and her breathing was very shallow. When I asked why she was doing this, she explained that she’d been having low back pain for many years and had been told that tightening her stomach muscles would help support her lower back and reduce the pain. “However,” she added, “the pain is as bad as ever.” I gently told her, “This tightening might be great if you were a table but we humans are built to move.” 

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