Update from Parent

Our son was born with arthrogryposis, mainly affecting his lower limbs, hips, knees and of course, club feet. We have been doing The Anat Baniel Method with Doreen since January and we have seen remarkable improvement. He is now 9 months and can sit independently. He can get onto his tummy from sitting position. He has just started a little bit of commando crawl. His flextion contractures in his knees have significantly improved so much so, that when we went for a check up at the Orthopedic clinic the other day, the Doc said his knees can bend to 30 degrees and that is enough for him to stand. He has also recently started using his hip muscles more, which is great because that means he is gaining strength in those muscles. All the doctors and the physiotherapist have been commenting on how well he is progressing and are amazed at how well he is coping.

Here are the links for further info on the Anat Baniel Method. She is in America but this is just more info on the Method itself http://www.anatbanielmethod.com/help-children-overview.htm.

The following is the link to the website for Doreen and Chris, the Anat Baniel Method in London. We have been seeing Doreen. She is absolutely fantastic with children http://movementandwellbeing.com/special-needs-children

I just thought I’d share this as it has made such a difference in the progress our son has made.

Feel free to ask us any questions, if you’d like to know more about our experience.

Dedre, Anthony and Jayden-Dax(son with Arthrogryposis)


Children’s Mastery Practicum


Free Anat Baniel Method for Children lessons for your child with special needs, ages 0-2 during the Children’s Mastery Training Program, taught by Anat Baniel. 

ABM, a gentle, non-invasive method is a cutting edge approach based on neuroscience using movement to send new information to the brain that creates new neural pathways improving all areas of your child’s life, be it physical, emotional or mental.

Lesson space is available on Friday July 22nd, and Saturday July 23rd, 2011 in the morning of both days.   To register, Please call or email Mike Davis at mike@anatbanielmethod.com or 480.720-5854 with any questions.  www.anatbanielmethod.com

Arthrogryposis and the Anat Baniel Method

Charlie was diagnosed with Arthrogryposis at birth, which is a “rare congenital disorder that is characterized by multiple joint contractures and can include muscle weakness and fibrosis. It is a non-progressive disease. The disease derives its name from Greek, literally meaning ‘curved or hooked joints'”  This disorder is very rare and can range in severity from child to child. 

Marcy (Lindheimer) and Anat  have completely changed Charlie’s body from a stiff curled position to a looser more free position. When we started his hips, legs, arms, and neck were so stiff he could not lie on his back without rolling to one side. Now, he can lie flat on his back, he can move his hips, his legs are straighter, his arms move so much more, he turns his head all the time and he is so much happier and so am I.

All of his doctors are in shock with his progress and can’t believe how much he has changed in so little time. It is truly amazing. It is a miracle, in my eyes. The best part is that he continues to improve every time we have a lesson with Marcy.

He is moving like crazy and is just so happy. It is wonderful. He is stretching his arms above his head. He does it and starts to laugh! He also is going into side sitting much more now when he reaches for toys. It is amazing and wonderful.  He now scoots around all by himself!

I want to get the word out about this amazing Method, so that all children, like Charlie, can get the extraordinary results. I do believe now that one day Charlie will walk and it will all be because of the Anat Baniel Method.

Charlie’s Mom