An Anat Baniel Method Student’s Amazing results

I’m currently in the Anat Baniel Method Professional Training.  I have only completed six out of ten training segments and I just wanted to share what this Method accomplished two weeks ago.

I’ve been practicing on my sister-in-law who has a weakened leg from polio she had as an infant.  (She was one of the last people in this country to contract polio.)   She wears a brace on that leg and foot.  The ankle on that foot is distorted and turns her foot to an extreme outside angle.  As she walks, she briefly transfers weight to her right leg, but otherwise it has always skittered behind her, more or less.

Just because I was eager to practice Segment 6 techniques and because she is a  willing guinea pig, I worked on her weakened foot and leg while she was on her belly.  I certainly did not expect anything to happen to her polio-affected leg.  When I lifted that leg afterward, however, it was nearly as heavy as her good leg.   Every other time I’ve lifted it, it was a light as a feather. 

She said that she felt connected to that leg for the first time in her life!  Ever since that day, she’s been feeling connected to and using her right leg more.  For example, without thinking, she put her right leg on a step and transferred her full weight to it in going down steps without a railing. Someone commented to her that she looked more “squared” in her movement.  It was a wonderful, very dramatic experience for her.


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