Anat speaks at Posit Science

On Friday Anat gave a presentation at Posit Science, the company headed by Michael Merzenich where he is continually looking to find new practical applications for the knowledge he has gained in 40 years of brain plasticity reasearch.

Anat initially won over the few skeptics in the audience before utterly captivating them as this e-mail we recieved shows;

Dear Anat,

Thank you so much for coming today- everyone really loved it. I wanted to share one comment I received afterwards:

“Anat Baniel!  Wow!  She is absolutely terrific!  Her subject matter is fascinating.  She is charming, delightful and a breath of fresh air!  What a brain!  And it seems that she has harnessed a corner on healing, and gentle, positive change.  Wow…I for one was truly impressed and can’t wait to go get my book!  And I can’t wait to put some of her concepts with the body to practice!  I’m jazzed! Thanks again for having her.”

So, that about sums it up- thank you again!


Karen Merzenich

Michael Merzenich himself continues to be a champion of Anat, her work and her book. Amongst several moments of testimony during her presentation he described her work and her book as a tour de force that all of his staff should read in order to have a clearer understanding of what they are working to achieve at the corporation.

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  1. I definitely enjoyed reading through this post.Thanks.

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