Segment 2 of our Basic Training Begins on Saturday May 9th – Still a few spaces left!!!


Segment 2 of the Anat Baniel Method basic training begins on Saturday and the opportunity to join us still remains!

I had the privilege of being present as an assistant for segment 1 in February and was once more astounded by how advanced Anat’s basic training is. She takes a group of very mixed backgrounds through an extraordinary learning process that provides complete newcomers and experienced therapists with a huge amount of knowledge. Because of the experiential nature of the work and the training you are always ready to learn from your own point of entry. The training unfolds as an incredible series of “A-Ha” moments for students, assistants and trainers alike (some of the trainers are still learning from Anat on a daily basis after 20 years of hugely successful practice). Anat always jokes that people come up to her at the end of a segment and tell her that it was the best segment ever! While it is true that Anat and her team of trainers and assistants are continually working to refine and develop the training, the fact is that the students find each segment better than the last because they are better learners through having engaged in the process that next step.

One of the most thrilling things for me about that process is that I see Anat herself after 30 years, still engaging in it and continually creating and being creative. How inspiring is that? To be entering a career where you can be of so much benefit to people and through endless creativity, never grow stale or bored with the work that you are doing!

Although our new basic training began in February we will accept new students up until segment 3 in July. Students who are joining for segment 2 or those who join by segment 3 will have the opportunity (and be required) to make up the missed segments on DVD. We already have one entire training captured on DVD and the current training is also being filmed. It is hoped that in the near future we will be able to offer a library of the whole training by streaming on the internet.

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