Listen to Anat interviewed live on the Dr Bunny Vreeland show

At Noon PST today Anat will be being interviewed by hyonotherapist Dr Bunny Vreeland on 1400 KKZZ AM. Amongst other things she will talk about how the Anat Baniel Method can impact addiction.


Bunny Vreeland: Ventura Hypnotherapist

First change the mental programming, then the behavior changes. When the behavior changes the body changes.
Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness which results in an increased receptiveness and response to suggestion. While associated with relaxation, hypnosis is actually an escape from an overload of message units, resulting in relaxation. Hypnosis can be triggered naturally from environmental stimuli as well as purposefully from an operator, often referred to as a hypnotist.

Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your weight loss goals, you can even control pain with hypnotherapy.

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