ABM in the workplace (ii) – Chad Estes writes…

Hello, my name is Chad Estes.  Many of you have already heard from my partner, John Robson.  We have formed a company called ETM Consultants, and are bringing this amazing work into the working world.

Allow me to use a recent study to illustrate why this work is needed in the workplace.
According to this study involving 15,000 employees at four companies, “full cost” measures—which include costs related to lost productivity because of health issues, as well as medical costs—_were four times greater than medical spending alone. (Journal of
Occupational and Environmental Medicine, July 2007)
In the study, the ten most expensive health conditions for companies included musculoskeletal conditions, depression, fatigue, chronic pain, sleeping problems, high cholesterol, arthritis, hypertension, obesity and anxiety.  This work is uniquely positioned to be able to address a majority of these.
At the core of the majority of musculoskeletal disorders are poor movement patterns. We have to LEARN everything it is that we do in order to become self-sufficient. In terms of movement, we don’t have any “programs” in our brains from birth that inform us how most efficiently to: sit, stand, lift, walk, etc. – all of these are learned motor patterns. What we do learn, more often than not, isn’t the most efficient method of doing something.  The great news is that the Anat Baniel Method has the capacity to reinvigorate that movement based learning process that will allow workers the ability to move away from pain and limitation towards greater comfort and ease.  And we all know that a comfortable employee is a more productive employee.

Companies and organizations are beginning to wake up to these ideas.  In fact, I recently presented to the St. Louis chapter of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) on the benefits of improving human movement within their organizations.  The presentation was very well received, and after the audience participated in a short movement lesson, the possibilities that this work offers began to open up to them.
As we continue to move forward, I will pass along success stories from those companies that have implemented our solutions.

Yours in good health,

Chad Estes

5 Responses

  1. This is great news Chad and John. I am looking forward to hearing more details. Will you start with a pilot program or do contract with each company? So good to hear how the ABM work is going out into the world.

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Great to hear from you. We are presently awaiting the launch of our corporate site (we just signed off on it yesterday), and have slowly started getting the word out about our corporate work. I have already worked with a healthcare providers office in the state of Illinois with very good results for both the doctors and staff. We are also looking into possible pilot programs as well – we are keeping all possibilities open.

    I will forward the link to the corporate site once it has been launched.

    Keep up your incredible work!

    Take Care,


  3. Chad – I’m so glad to see this taking hold in “corporate America” and small business alike. We tend to think reactively rather than preventively which leads to so much loss in terms of productivity, quality of experience in the workplace and employee retention as well as the direct costs of fixing what we “broke” instead of preserving what we have been blessed with. You know how much more productive and positive I am since you’ve worked with me – It’s made a world of difference in my career and in my life.

  4. I really miss reading the updates on the blog. Our little boy is doing great and even held cookie with his right hand!

  5. Melodi,

    Congratulations on your little boy holding a cookie in his right hand! That is fantastic!

    Chad and John,

    It is wonderful to hear about your adventures. This work is so immediately useful that I am always heartened to hear of more people getting to know about it!

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