ABM in the workplace

Two graduates of the 2004 training, John Robson and Chad Estes are to be regular contributors to this blog. Here John writes:

This is my first post to this blog and I am excited to let you know of another application of this wonderful work.  If you are reading this you probably already know about some of the benefits that have been experienced by children, seniors, high performers and folks recovering from injuries.  What you may not know is that the Anat Baniel Method can be used to raise workplace performance to a new level.

Thousands of work days are lost each month through back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and repetitive stress injuries.  As well as actual days lost there are huge losses in productivity when people come to work with pain or injuries and are unable to perform at their best.

No one wants to be in pain and they especially don’t want to have to deal with the demands of the workplace when they are in pain. It is clear that a comfortable worker is a happy worker.  A worker who can move easily and fluidly can focus on the job at hand and perform at their best.

Chad Estes and I have created a company called ETM Consultants that provides workplace solutions that will help employees perform.  We offer a variety of services – the one that I am most excited about is our on site program.  We go into a workplace and look at what workers are doing and what demands are being placed on their bodies.  We then design a series of lessons just for that group and teach the lessons on site.  The result is higher performance, happier workers, happier employers and more of this wonderful work in the world at large.

We look forward to telling you more about how the Anat Baniel Method contributes to the national economy in future posts.  Stay tuned……

John Robson

P.S. Late breaking news.  The office  where I work along with practitioners of other modalities (Source for Well Being www.sourceforwellbeing.com) has just been voted “Best in Western North Carolina” by readers of the most widely circulated paper in this area.  Yippee!!!  See http://www.mountainx.com/bestof/2008/2008personal_services

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