Marin Free Children’s Clinic Sept ‘08 (ii)

Peggy Chipkin writes;

Perhaps the best way to start is the message I received from the mother of one of the children I saw at this month’s Free Childrens’ Clinic. He is a boy of about 2 years old with congenital Noonan’s syndrome, which involved his upper body.  He had brilliantly compensated by becoming very strong in his lower body.  He did not crawl on his hands and knees.  Instead, he was very mobile by scooting in the sitting position.

Here is the mother’s message:  “He is doing BEAUTIFULLY !  He is actually trying a lot more walking now.   He is going up and down small steps and  getting very mobile up and down steps. As far as crawling, we noticed that evening (after the lesson at the  Clinic), in the hotel room, he was definitely up on his hands and knees, and crawling,  and pushing things around with his hands.  We were very impressed because he just doesn’t do that very often.”

Peggy is a homeopath who is planning to be a regular contributor to our blog.
The day after the clinic Anat taught a one-day workshop for parents and professionals for working with children with special needs. A number of parents stayed on for the workshop and shared their experiences from the clinic. One mother of triplets told of how her son had had severe eating problems eating only pureed foods by mouth needing top ups by a feeding tube, taking many hours of the mother’s and nanny’s time. After the lesson he asked for a bite of chicken, the first time he had asked for food in his life, and then for some scrambled eggs the next day. He didn’t actually eat it but was interested and fiddled around with it in his mouth for a while. It was only after the scrambled eggs that she realized what had happened the night before, as it had seemed so natural! Just with one lesson that was not directly addressing the eating he made this radical change.

Another mother told of how she had taken her son with attentional difficulties and sensory processing issues to a horse-riding lesson after the clinic. He noticed how different he felt on the horse, made the association to his lesson at the clinic and turned to his mother and said, “Thank you for taking me to that place.”

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