Introducing Lucas Dassie, 4 years

What makes the center so special are the children and the parents that pass through and I want to start introducing you to a few of them.

Lucas first came to see us in April of this year and I had the honor to share his first few lessons with Anat. This is how his mother, Lisa, first described him;

He’s 4 years old. His waters broke at week 17 of my pregnancy, therefore his lungs did not develop. He is a twin, born at 28 weeks. He has chronic lung disease, asthma and is oxygen dependent. He has vision issues, wears glasses, goes to the Foundation for Blind Children to preschool. He has Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL), Cerebral Palsy, severe Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Sensory Processing Disorder and a severe oral aversion. He only eats by bottle. Lucas can crawl, pull to a stand, cruise furniture, side sit and walk poorly with a walker. He vomits in extreme hot or cold weather. He is very smart-he can play on a computer, understands everything I say to him. Grunts for yes and pushes away for no. He can do ‘more’ in sign language as well. He is a hard worker and very, very happy boy.

Lisa is very observant and noticed changes right from the first session, not least that Lucas was actually enjoying his therapy. One of the huge changes in the first week was that he started to see toys long distances away without his glasses. A few weeks ago, after his second visit to the center Lisa wrote this update;

Hi all,

I am so excited about Lucas’ progress, that I just can’t keep my mouth shut. Unfortunately those that have not experienced the method look at me like I’m crazy. So I find that I must tell you all how my fella is doing.

After our last visit to CA, Lucas came home sitting better, side sitting on either side, pulling to a stand much easier and crawling all over the house-exploring more rooms than before. His vision is remarkable. We have not put his glasses back on since our first visit to you and Lucas does not overshoot or undershoot anything.

He crawls right to whatever he wants. He reaches accurately as well.

We saw Geewon Waterman in June. Lucas came home using his pelvis to crawl-not all the time, but much more than ever. He stands flat footed now and with a straight back. No more curve even when sitting. WOW!!!!! He lets me touch his entire head and face and neck. He even lets me put my fingers in his mouth, not just to bite me anymore, but to explore his teeth and gums and tongue even! We went to my mom’s in IL last week and for the first time, Lucas went up and down 2 stairs consistently. Only took him 3 tries without assistance (he tumbled the first 2 times) and he got it. All my himself!! At one point we found him on the 5th stair to the basement with a toy…took it with him!!! AND, he’s been off oxygen the entire time as well. AWESOME STUFF! Lucas has allowed me to put a dab of whip cream in his mouth once too.

Last week we saw Michelle Turner for the first time. Lucas seems to be making more progress with these lessons cognitively versus physically-very interesting.

He goes to the TV and vocalizes when he wants to watch a show. He goes to the bedroom door and vocalizes when he wants to go to the fan, goes to the shower door and vocalizes when he wants to take a shower, goes to the piano and vocalizes when he wants me to turn it on for him, goes to his chair and vocalizes until I bring his bottle. (Lucas has ALWAYS been on a 2 hour feeding schedule because he doesn’t know when he’s hungry…now he does!) He actually chooses a DVD when I give him two choices instead of pushing them away. He no longer wants to watch Baby Einstein and Elmo, he wants Little Einsteins and Dora & Diego. He comes to me and reaches up when he wants to be picked up. He is much more social. He wants to love with me-he gives me big wet kisses. Huge difference. He let me put a grape to his lips and he smiled.

He let me put his fingers in my mouth and pretend to chew, bite, lick and suck. Then I put my fingers in his mouth as we did chew, bite, lick, and suck and he loved it and did it correctly! First time ever! He is still vocalizing more and more,

spending more time upright than just laying on his belly too. He knows his eyes, nose, mouth, head, hair, ears, chest, belly, knees, feet and can point to them on command with about 80% accuracy. When he gets up in the morning, I find him in his

crib sitting upright and already has his foot probe off, ready to get out! He is understanding more and more of what I say. Doing what I tell him, going where I tell him to go. I can’t think of everything, but these are huge…and still off oxygen.

I am so happy there are people like you to help people like my Lucas. He is still not wearing glasses and hasn’t worn his AFO’s, shoes or socks since our first visit. He loves his toes, chews on his knees and toes now. Not before. On and on I could go…thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I always hoped my kid would do these things, now I know he’ll do it all!!! Thank you!

Please pass along to everyone who’s had a hand in my fella. I don’t have everyone’s email.

See you soon I’m sure!!! Lisa Dassie

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