Love them, hug them, put them down on their back

I am publishing a comment made by a mother on yesterday’s post with my response because it is such a valid and important question.

“I was wondering if the use of stationary baby saucers (play centers) or free standing jumparoos should be used by infants. My six month adjusted son has both and LOVES to jump in them. I am however concerned that it will hinder his development. His neuro says his legs are tight and I don’t want to hinder his ability to overcome his cerebral palsy symptoms. My son is super at unsupported sitting, should this be encouraged or discouraged? I wasn’t sure if this was considered a “unnatural” position due to his age. Also will Anat ever come to the NY area and be able to have sessions with children? We saw her in Manhattan and it was awesome…to us it was like seeing a celebrity!


Dear Melodi,

Thank you so much for your question. The short answer is no to the use of the saucer and bouncer and no to unsupported sitting. This is true for children with and without issues.

We are planning to write an article to give parents advice on “normal” child development in practice. There are many reasons for these answers which we will address and it is SO important because so many parents do these things with the best of intention and, as you say, the children LOVE them. Anat often says there are a lot of things that you could give them that they would love that are not necessarily good for them! A basic rule of thumb is never put a child in a position that they cannot get in and out of by themselves. So my best advice for the time being is put your little boy on the floor surrounded by toys for him to reach for and hang out with him. It is fine for him to be in your lap leaning against you but he should not sit unsupported until he has learned to get there by himself. This will make the work that Donna Panarello is doing even more powerful.

One of my favorite sayings of Anat’s when parents then ask “Well what CAN I do then?” is, “Hug them, love them and put them down on their back.”

As for Anat seeing children in NYC, it does happen on occasion. I would recommend seeing Marcy Lindheimer in conjunction with Donna. Marcy is an amazing practitioner with incredible experience. She is also the only trainer qualified to train Anat Baniel Method  practitioners other than Anat herself and is in the process of building an Anat Baniel Method Center in New York. When Anat sees children in New York it will be in conjunction with her. She also mentors other practitioners and would be an invaluable resource to Donna AND for your son.

I am so glad you were able to get the NYC presentation and that it made such an impression upon you. I wish I could have been there and cannot wait to hear from Anat how she felt it went.

Thank you so much for your participation in our blog and your enthusiasm for our work born out of your love and dedication for your son.


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  1. Love the title of the post!

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