Free Children’s Clinic

Hello all!  I want to introduce the Free Children’s Clinics.  I founded these clinics in January 2004 so that other parents would have an easier time finding out about ABM and getting the kind of information that would help them decide whether the ABM is something they wish to pursue for their child.

As the parent of a special needs child, one of my challenges was finding out which options I wished to pursue for my son.  Back in the early pre-internet days it was even difficult to discover what those options might be.  Most of the traditional avenues for information, such as my son’s pediatrician or physical therapist, provided little to no knowledge about modalities that were not mainstream.  Traditional therapies were not providing what my son needed, yet I knew of no alternatives.  It was our good fortune to contract for lessons with a physical therapist who had also studied Dr. Feldenkrais’ work.  During his 5th lesson with this practitioner my son sat up for the first time in his life.  At 7 years old, with severe CP, I knew this amazing outcome was not a coincidence. My son has continued to receive this work since that time, and is now a college student living in his own apartment making his own decisions about how he wants to live his life.  The work that Anat teaches has made a major contribution to his ability to be an independent  learner, thinker, and problem solver.  I can’t imagine not finding this work.  My son has a wonderful life, and I have an amazing career.

The Free Children’s Clinics are a “no risk” way for you to explore this option.  At these clinics Practitioners travel from all over the country to donate their time and expertise.   Families with special needs children receive a FREE ABM Lesson from a certified ABM for Children practitioner and have the opportunity to ask questions and receive suggestions for their child.  Visit our website at to find out about upcoming clinics around the US and in Canada.  We have 7 more clinics scheduled between now and the end of the year.  Schedule an appointment to find out what ABM can do for your child.

Also, if you do not have a clinic listed in your area and would like to find out if one can be organized contact me at:

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