New York, Chicago and Marin

As I announced yesterday, Anat is giving a presentation in New York today at the Jewish Community Center in Manhattan, The Samuel Priest Rose Building, 344 Amsterdam Avenue @ 76th St, from 4.30pm to 6.30pm. You can call 646-505-5708 or to book tickets.

One mother who is planning to attend wrote;

“We have been working with Donna Pannerallo out of Red Bank NJ. It’s an hour trip each way 2xs a week but so worth it. He went from a socially unaware baby with no movement in his trunk to a wondeful boy who can sit unsporrted and even catch his balance at 9m actual 6m corrected. His neuro said yesterday that he doesn  have cp…although his therapists believe if he does have it it will be mild. With work I think Anat Baniel Method will help him to overcome his inability to move his right arm in unision. He is so special and perfect in everyway! Thanks Anat and staff for spreading the seed of this method so other moms can find it!”

The following just arrived from Claire Conley, one of our practitioners in Chicago;

Hi all, Anat did a great job at the Chicagoland workshop this past weekend. Suzi Marks and Kathleen Aharoni sponsored the event and it was held up in
Highland Park at the HP Community House. Wonderful seminar, lovely
late-summer weather and the participants were really enjoying the
experience. She spoke at Cove School on her work with children on Friday.
It was terrific to have Anat here and I hope she will come back again for
another public seminar. It is a great way to spread the word.

Over and out —

Anat flies back to California on Thursday to rejoin us in the center in Marin. It is an exciting time for us as the community continues to grow and the center with it.  In the past couple of weeks we have had children visiting the center from Egypt, the UK and Australia as well all parts of the U.S. On the weekend of September 13/14 we hosted a Free Children’s Clinic on the Saturday which Anat oversaw and during the midday break fielded questions. On the Sunday we presented a public workshop for professionals and for parents and caregivers of children with  special needs. It was the first time we had hosted a clinic in San Rafael. The combination of the 2 events worked very well with many of the parents from the clinic able to experience the work first hand and get a better understanding of how we are able to help their children. It is a formula that all those involved are keen to repeat.

Tomorrow we will have a post from Andrea Bowers explaining in greater detail about the Free Children’s Clinic and how it came about.

Finally, thanks to Sharon for class tonight and some feedback from one of our students about her teaching, “It was glorious! It opened up my right side…it felt like sun rays could come out!”

2 Responses

  1. I was fortunate enough to attend the Chicago workshop and am now in NY where Anat just presented at the local JCC. She was fantastic! The audience was enthusiastic, filled with practitioners, parents, and therapists. It was wonderful to see such a great response and also see first hand how Anat hones her presentations.

  2. Anat’s presentation at Cove School in Northbrook Illinois went well. Some 50+ attendees comprised of teachers, PT’s, parents.The Overcoming Neck and Back pain 2 day workshop in Highland Park Illinois was unbelievable! Anat buzzed an energy higher then I have ever experienced! The group made such profound changes and spoke about them so openly and willingly.She had the perfect combination of lesson sequence and lectures and stories. Wait until her book comes out and the attendees can say they had the exciting opportunity to spend 2 days learning from her.

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