Hello everyone and welcome to the Anat Baniel Method Blog. We are thrilled to have a forum for practitioners, students, clients, parents of special needs children, trainees in our professional training program, and anyone else who is interested, to bring in questions, report experiences, and share ideas.

Lots has been going on in our ABM community that is wonderful. A few weeks ago a new group graduated from the final of our four training levels – the ABM basic training, ABM for children mastery program, ABM for vitality and anti-aging and ABM for high performers. Our community of teachers is growing rapidly and they all have remarkable stories of outcomes with their clients to tell. Early next year we will have a whole new group of wonderful graduates of the basic training and so many practitioners to answer the ever growing need out there in the world for this work. ABM Practitioners all over the country are working with children with great results.

My new, and first book – Move Into Life: The 9 Essentials For Life Long Vitality – is due out April 28, 2009, to be published by Harmony Books, a division of Random House. In the early part of the year they are publishing a series of books by world renowned teachers of spirituality and wellness. A new book by Daniel Amen is followed by those Deepak Chopra, Judith Orloff, Mingyur Rinpoche and then my book and I am proud and honored to be included in their company.

I’m in Chicago right now teaching a 2 day workshop and am reminded, yet again, of the remarkable possibilities and breakthroughs that people can reach within just a few hours, sometimes minutes, of beginning the work. I love this work! It’s great to help people connect to their brilliance, intelligence, and humanity – all that in a better-feeling and working body.

I hope lots of you will choose this blog as a means to communicate with like-minded people and tell us about your experiences, questions, comments, ideas and wishes. Thank you for joining us in this new venture as we continue to develop our community. Tomorrow, Neil Sharp, the regular manager of the blog will introduce himself and will start blogging!

Best wishes,

Anat Baniel

5 Responses

  1. To Anat, Neil and Friends:
    Congratulations on this new venture. Sharing in experiences, developments and growth is now a day to day process. With delight, Doreen M. Orme

  2. Hello Anat – Hello Neil!
    Wonderful! I can’t wait to read more. Thanks for creating a great place for everyone to find out more about ABM.

  3. I am so glad to see this blog. I would like to add a link to my website for all the special people in South-western Ontario to see!
    Let each of us share this amazing work with all that request transformation in their own lives and lives of others they love and care for.

  4. Wonderful addition to your online world Anat! I can’t wait to participate in all the discussions

  5. I’m trying this… so very cool to be reconnected and to see your beautiful face Anat!

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